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turning skills into service

2011 is going to be a bumper year for training organisations or consultant who can help the recently unemployed individuals upgrade into a new skill that will help them generate their own income.

Make no mistake, becoming a trainer is all about running you own business.

Being up to date with the latest techniques, developments, trends and needs is just as essential. No different to if you decided to set up a coffee shop for instance.

Like any business you still have to source new customers, gain glowing appraisals and testimonials, get your pricing right, court the right type of publicity and sustain credibility.  Oh! and let’s not forget making a profit.

We all know it takes a certain kind of self belief and courage to set up any type of business in today’s climate. You could even make a claim based on sheer desperation, the need to do something to generate an income.

But it even takes more courage to leave your long term financial security into the hands of many of  businesses today, no matter what their global or brand status might be. Most people are now being spurred into self employment due to the levels of redundancies, job insecurities and the need to meet ongoing expenses.

Participants are more interested in the qualifications and or skills they will gain in the subject at hand, and the experience you have in doing jobs similar to theirs and your track record in ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking about’ the topic is going to be very important to budding or established Trainers.

We hope to bring you tips and advice that will help you move forward.  Please feel free to browse, join our mailing list or even leave a comment.



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